Nuclear emergency

This section provides information on nuclear emergencies and presents all the information on radioactivity in general and the nuclear sites located close to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

The 'Government plan' section presents the emergency response plan (Plan d'intervention d'urgence nucléaire, PIU) defined by the authorities for the possible occurrence of a nuclear or radiological accident and provides a condensed and understandable overview of the measures for crisis management, warning and protection of the population. 

The 'Protective actions' section lists the four main preventive and protective measures the authorities will take and put in place in an emergency and the steps the population should take. The measures for taking shelter, taking potassium iodide tablets and evacuation are described in a concise manner. 

The 'Campaigns' section collates all the concrete actions the government will take to inform the population, raise its awareness and prepare it for a possible nuclear crisis 

The 'General information' section includes general information on natural and artificial radioactivity, explains the distinction between irradiation and contamination and introduces the national surveillance and measurement system for radioactivity. It also lists the nuclear sites located close to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


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