Influenza and pandemics

This section provides information on the different strains of influenza (flu) and presents an overview of general information on this infectious, common and contagious disease. 

The 'Government plans' section presents the government's 'Influenza pandemic' plan and its objectives, as well as the 'Bird flu' operational intervention plan and its objectives. 

The 'Protective actions' section lists simple hygiene measures that can be taken to limit the risks of infection, the vaccinations available and the possible treatments for different types of flu. 

The 'Awareness-raising campaigns'section refers to all the concrete actions the government takes concerning seasonal vaccination campaigns and those related to the influenza A (H1N1) virus. 

The 'General information'section provides general information on the different types of flu that can affect humans and certain animals. 

The latest information on the coronavirus can be found on the health web portal  


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