Reception centres

Individuals who are unable to find refuge outside the evacuation zones on their own will be temporarily accommodated in reception centres set up by the authorities in different parts of the country, located in the main towns of the secondary planning zone.

The function of these reception centres is to:

  • house individuals/families that have not found refuge on their own;
  • reunite family members that have become lost;
  • ensure that the people lodged there receive medical care.

These centres will be set up in public buildings (sports centres, multi-purpose halls, etc.) and equipped with adapted plumbing equipment and, if necessary, beds for evacuees.

They will be tested regularly to evaluate how fit for purpose they would be in the event of a nuclear accident.

If an evacuation is organised from one particular zone, the population will be forbidden from entering this zone.

Contamination tests will be carried out near the reception centres. These decontamination centres will enable screening for potential contamination to be carried out along with, if necessary, additional decontamination.

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