Summit of the Greater Region

On 20 April 2011, a Special Summit of the Greater Region was held in Metz to discuss the safety of nuclear power stations in the Greater Region in general, and the installations at Cattenom in particular.
Faced with the legitimate expectation of the inhabitants on both sides of the border to receive clear, transparent and reliable information on the conditions in which the nuclear installation functions, the decision was taken to expand the membership of the Cattenom Local Commission for Information (Commission locale d’information de Cattenom, CLI) in order to bring in other affected parties from the Greater Region.

The Local Commission for Information is responsible for communicating the results of its work in an accessible form to the widest possible public. It has the public mandate of monitoring, providing information and facilitating dialogue on the matter of nuclear safety, radiation protection and the impact of nuclear activities on both people and the environment. 

Following the Summit of the Greater Region, in 2012 the CLI was opened up to cross-border partners from the Greater Region who had previously only been observers. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is represented by the High Commissioner for National Protection and a representative from SYVICOL, the Association of Luxembourg Towns and Communes (Syndicat des villes et des communes luxembourgeoises).

Another consequence of this expansion is that the CLI's information bulletin, "La Lettre de la CLI" (the CLI's letter), which has been running since 2008, is now also translated into German.

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