Extreme weather on 22 July 2016 - state of play at 6.30 p.m.

Further to the extreme weather which occurred during the evening of Friday, 22 July 2016, the Crisis Cell of the Emergency Response Plan "Extreme Weather", headed by Minister for the Interior Dan Kersch, met for a second time at 5 p.m. on 23 July.

As a precaution, the authorities are maintaining their recommendation to refrain from using tap water in the following places: Reisdorf (Reisduerf) Larochette (Fiels), Nommern (Noumer) und Vallée de l’Ernz (Aerenzdall).

Except in Reisdorf, where the water is currently not fit for human consumption, tap water can be used once it has been boiled for at least ten minutes.

These restrictive measures will apply at least until Monday, 25 July, included, pending the final results of the water quality analyses being carried out by the water management authority. The population will be informed by the authorities as soon as the quality of the water returns to normal.

The rescue services are distributing bottled water at the fire and rescue centres in Nommern, Cruchten, Larochette and Reisdorf and near the church in Ermsdorf. Water will be distributed at these places, in some cases with assistance from the Army, on Saturday, 23 July until 10 p.m., on Sunday, 24 July from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Monday, 25 July from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

With the material and human reinforcements sent by the Rescue Services Agency, the Army, and the Administration for Roads and Bridges, it has been possible to start helping the 1,000 to 1,500 people affected by the extreme weather and to ensure first care under the best conditions possible.

Minister for the Interior Dan Kersch is in permanent contact with the mayors of the three municipalities worst hit (Larochette, Vallée de l’Ernz and Nommern), and has assured them of his support in dealing with any problems arising in the coming hours and days. The Crisis Cell will remain active, to be able to respond to any additional needs the municipalities affected may have.

According to the weather forecasts currently available for Saturday, 23 July, local showers are expected to continue throughout the day, up to the end of the evening. Forecasts for the next few days are for calmer weather, but local showers will persist. MeteoLux and the Rescue Services Agency are monitoring the situation constantly.

Following the collapse of a bridge in Hessemillen, the road between Bettendorf and Eppeldorf will remain closed for an unspecified period of time. The route and times of the RGTR 505 line will be changed as of Monday.

Until the situation returns to normal, the population is asked to make it easier for the authorities to do their work, and to obey all their instructions, particularly those of the police with regard to restrictions on using the roads.

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