Exercise to set up part of the emergency reception centre at Parc Hosingen

As part of the scheme to draw up plans for managing crisis situations, it was decided to plan a centre to receive people who have had to be evacuated in an emergency, at Parc Hosingen.

Although the planning for the emergency reception centre was decided as part of the emergency response plan in the event of a nuclear accident, the centre planned at Parc Hosingen would provide temporary accommodation for people who had been evacuated in situations of extreme urgency (such as large-scale flooding, industrial accidents causing serious chemical releases, accidents releasing large quantities of radiation, etc.).

Since the planning work for the Parc Hosingen reception centre was completed recently, an exercise in setting up the centre was organised on Thursday, 28 September 2017, under the responsibility of the High Commission for National Protection (Haut-Commissariat à la Protection nationale - HCPN) and the inter-municipal syndicate for education, teaching, sport and leisure responsible for running the school sport centre at Parc Hosingen (SISPOLO).

Aim of the exercise

The aim of the exercise was to simulate:

  • the partial arrangement of the buildings used as dormitory areas, including setting up camp beds;
  • registering the evacuees, testing the registration software developed specially by the State's IT centre (Centre des technologies de l’information de l’Etat - CTIE);
  • screening the evacuees, including setting up a mobile radiation detection gate at the centre, and
  • dispatching the evacuees to the camp beds allocated to them.

Participants in the exercise

The following stakeholders took part in the exercise:

  • the High Commission for National Protection and the SISPOLO, jointly responsible for organising the exercise;
  • the Rescue Services Agency (Administration des Services de Secours - ASS), responsible for organising the dormitory areas, screening, and providing extras for screening and registration;
  • the Health Directorate / Department of Radiation Protection responsible for the radiation detection screening gate;
  • the Army, responsible for organising the dormitory areas and providing extras for screening and registration;
  • the Customs & Excise Agency (Administration des douanes et accises - ADA), responsible for registering the evacuees and providing extras for screening and registration;
  • the State's IT centre (CTIE), providing assistance to the people responsible for registering the evacuees.

Other stakeholders, including the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Health, responsible for managing a medical station, were invited as observers.

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