Orange vigilance- strong winds- sunday february 20th

MeteoLux forecasts that during the night of sunday 20th february to monday 21st february (10pm to 3pm) strong winds will cross the country. During this passage, strong gusts of 90 - 100 km/h are expected. An orange vigilance has been issued.

It is important to remember the following possible consequences and behavioural advice:

Possible consequences:

  • Breaking of tree branches;
  • Some fallen trees;
  • Damaged roofs and chimneys;
  • Slightly offset vehicles on the roads;
  • Localised disrupted road traffic, in particular in wooded areas.

Behavioural advice:

  • Limit your journeys;
  • Limit your speed on the road, especially if the vehicle or trailer you are driving  may be affected by the wind;
  • Do not walk in the forest;
  • In towns, be careful of falling objects;
  • Store or secure any objects liable to be blown around or damaged, for example garden furniture, parasols, etc.;
  • On no account go onto a roof.
  • Secure construction sites;
  • Follow the instructions of the authorities (e.g. diversions)
  • Increased vigilance.

The population is asked to follow closely the evolution of the situation with the official sources,,, @infocriseLU, @CGDISlux, as well as the national media.

The authorities continue to monitor the situation closely.

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