Stakeholders and crisis management

The Crisis Cell is activated by the Prime Minister in the event that a crisis is imminent or has occurred and is convened by the High Commissioner for National Protection.

Under the authority of the government, the Crisis Cell initiates, coordinates and monitors the execution of all the measures intended to deal with the crisis and its effects with the aim of returning to a normal situation.

In an Ebola-related emergency, the Crisis Cell is made up of at least the following people:

  • the High Commissioner for National Protection;
  • the Director of the National Health Directorate;
  • the Director of the Rescue Services Agency;
  • a representative from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs;
  • the Director of the Office for crisis communication;
  • the Director-General of the Grand Ducal Police;
  • a representative from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Transport Department;
  • the Director of the Customs and Excise Agency;
  • the Chief of Staff of the armed forces;
  • the Director General of the Luxembourg Hospital Centre.

In the event of repatriation, the Crisis Cell will be supplemented with a representative of Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR).

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