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An emergency related to severe weather conditions is a situation that arises from an extreme weather event that risks causing major problems to the vital interests or basic needs of all or part of the country or the population of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Given the wide range of potential incidents and their varied impacts and repercussions, the extreme weather emergency response plan (PIU) provides those in charge of executing it with the tools they need to react appropriately and in a flexible manner to the events that occur and to provide the best possible protection for the citizens or sectors affected, their vital interests and the national economy.

The weather department of the Air Navigation Administration (ANA) monitors the weather continually. As a member of the European Meteoalarm network, MeteoLux is responsible for issuing and publicising weather alerts in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. There are four levels of vigilance which follow a shared colour code used by all the members of the European Meteoalarm network.

Only the forecasts and four alert levels supplied and published by MeteoLux are valid in connection with the 'Extreme Weather Plan'. The plan is triggered when MeteoLux issue vigilance levels 3, orange, or 4, red.

Other sources and media may provide similar yet differing information. This can lead to confusion when evaluating the situation and should be avoided. Any bad weather warning published by MeteoLux and set out in this procedure constitutes the most likely forecast that this event would happen during the period of time in question. Weather forecasts and any vigilance levels currently in force can be consulted at

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