Gusts of wind

The emergency response plan (PIU) in the event of extreme weather conditions defines the actions the government should take in the event of six different weather conditions, including that of strong gusts of wind.

Orange vigilance - violent winds warning

between 90 km/h and 110 km/h

The possible consequences include:

  • broken tree branches;
  • some fallen trees;
  • damaged roofs and chimneys;
  • vehicles swerving off the roads;
  • localised disrupted road traffic, in particular in wooded areas.

Red vigilance - very violent gale warning

winds above 110 km/h

The possible consequences include:

  • much significant damage to housing, parks and plantations;
  • heavily affected forests (significant damage to trees/uprooted trees);
  • very heavy road traffic over the entire network, cars forced off the road;
  • seriously affected air and rail traffic.


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