Natural gas


Three biogas production units supply the produced biogas directly to the natural gas network. 

Supply and consumption 

Luxembourg is connected to the natural gas transport networks of Germany, Belgium and France. 

National consumption of natural gas is entirely covered by imports. 


Luxembourg has one manager for its transport network and three managers for the distribution networks: 

  • Transport network manager: CREOS Luxembourg S.A.
  • Distribution network managers:
    • CREOS Luxembourg S.A.
    • Sudgaz S.A.
    • The city of Dudelange 

list of network managers can be viewed at the website of the Luxembourg energy regulator, the Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR). 


list of natural gas suppliers may be viewed on the website of the Luxembourg energy regulator. 

Preventative action plan on the security of the natural gas supply 

This preventative action plan applies to natural gas companies and imposes on them obligations intended to reinforce security, the quality of the gas supply and the security of operating the gas network. 

Emergency plan for the security of the natural gas supply 

This emergency plan contains the measures to be taken to eliminate or mitigate the impact of disruptions to the gas supply.


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