Protecting food supplies

In the event of radioactive releases it is very important to protect foodstuffs and agricultural products, including livestock and their feed.

For individuals

Instructions for individuals:

  • only eat tins, dehydrated foods, frozen products or fresh produce from regions not affected by the accident or that you have stored yourself;
  • cover vegetable gardens with a plastic tarpaulin.

Unless advised otherwise by the authorities, tap water is safe to consume.

For farmers

Instructions for farmers:

  • move your livestock into enclosed premises and restrict, as much as possible, the natural and artificial ventilation in these premises;
  • organise and store prepared feed in enclosed premises;
  • cover any silage stored outdoors with a plastic tarpaulin;
  • close any greenhouses;
  • shut off rainwater collection systems.

Instructions concerning the food chain and possible food bans will, if applicable, be communicated to the public via this website and the national media.


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