Crisis management

In the event of a nuclear emergency, the main concern of the Luxembourg authorities is how best to protect the country's population.

As soon as the Luxembourg Emergency Call Centre (Central des secours d’urgence luxembourgeois, 112) is informed of a nuclear accident, it alerts the Radiological Evaluation Cell (Cellule d'évaluation radiologique), which immediately carries out an evaluation of the information available. If the accident could pose a danger to the population, the High Commissioner for National Protection (Haut-Commissaire à la protection nationale) is informed. After consulting with the Luxembourg Fire and Rescue Corps (Corps grand-ducal d’incendie et de secours) and the Department for Radiation Protection at the National Health Directorate (Division de la radioprotection de la Direction de la santé), the High Commissioner for National Protection informs the Prime Minister who decides whether to activate the Crisis Cell (Cellule de crise).

The Crisis Cell initiates, coordinates and monitors the execution of all the measures intended to deal with the crisis and its effects. It is assisted by the Radiological Evaluation Cell and the Communication/Information Cell and works closely with its foreign counterparts.

The alert chain


Manager of the Cattenom Nuclear Power Station

2. Luxembourg Emergency Call Centre

(CSU-112, Luxembourg Fire and Rescue Corps)

3. Radiological Evaluation Cell

4. High Commissioner for National Protection

5. Prime Minister

6. Crisis Cell

Radiological Evaluation Cell - Communication/Information Cell

7. / social media / free-phone number

8. Population


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