The preventive distribution of potassium iodide tablets - personalised letter

The emergency response plan (PIU) in the event of a nuclear accident presented on 21 October 2014 plans for the preventative distribution of potassium iodide tablets to all of the country's residents.

This preventive distribution is the first measure set by the new emergency plan.

It is a simple precautionary measure and does not mean that an incident/accident has taken place at the Cattenom nuclear power station or that an incident/accident may soon occur.

The preventive distribution campaign started on 22 October 2014 with personalised letterssent to each resident

  • that contain information regarding this distribution and
  • enabling the residents to obtain a box of tablets either from the commune in which they live or from the pharmacy of their choice.

The official letters should all have been sent by mid-November 2014.

It is however possible that some residents will not have yet received an official letter, even if other members of their family have.

Residents who received a letter that was not addressed to them are requested to return the letter to the postman or place it in one of the post boxes labelled 'incorrectly delivered post' (envois mal dirigés) at the post office. The Postal Service will ensure these letters are delivered.

For more information, please call 2478 - 5674.

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