The Council of Government – adoption of the „Cyber“ emergency response plan

On 30 April 2015 the Council of Government has approved and rendered enforceable the emergency response plan “Cyber”.  The Plan was updated within the scope of the application of the national cybersecurity strategy II.

The emergency response plan defines the action the government must take in the event of a technical flaw or large-scale attack on the information systems of the public and/or private sector. It sets the preventative and protective measures, the bodies that will manage the crisis, the emergency measures, associated actions and the respective stakeholders and figures in charge and the process for raising the alarm for the authorities and providing information to the public.

A cyber emergency situation is one which results from an incident or attack which risks leading to a major malfunction or unavailability of the communication systems and information processing which threaten the vital interests or essential requirements of all or part of the country or population of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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