Incident at ArcelorMittal site in Differdange - Alert lifted at 1.13 p.m.

All the analyses carried out by the authorities at the site have proved negative; the alert has therefore been lifted.

It has therefore been decided that:

  • children confined to their schools may now leave;
  • it is no longer necessary to keep windows closed;
  • the railway line between Esch-sur-Alzette and Pétange can be re-opened.

The three workers and other persons who were directly or indirectly in contact with the wagons (46 people in all) have undergone decontamination procedures as a preventive measure. No-one has been seriously injured; some very slight injuries have been diagnosed.

Nevertheless, constant analyses and measurements regarding the content of the wagons (which have been isolated and protected) will continue. The Crisis Cell, which will remain active until the situation returns to normal, will remain informed constantly on the evolution of these analyses.

The authorities will provide information on the evolution of the situation if necessary.

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