Extreme weather on 22 July 2016 - state of play at 12 noon

Further to the extreme weather which occurred during the evening of Friday, 22 July 2016, the  Crisis Cell of the Emergency Response Plan "Extreme Weather" has been convened; the Cell is headed by Minister for the Interior Dan Kersch.

As a precautionary measure, the authorities recommend refraining from using tap water in the following places: Reisdorf (Reisduerf), Larochette (Fiels), Cruchten (Kruuchten), Nommern (Noumer), Savelborn (Suewelbur) and Ermsdorf (Iermsdrëf).

Tap water may be used, however, if it has been boiled for at least ten minutes.

These restrictive measures will apply at least until Monday, 25 July, pending the final results of analyses being carried out.

The water management authority is in contact with the authorities of the municipalities concerned, and is carrying out water quality analyses. The population will be informed by the authorities as soon as the quality of the water returns to normal.

The emergency services are handing out bottled water: in Larochette, at the fire and rescue centre, and in Ermsdorf, near the church.

Two containers with water not for drinking but for other purposes have been sent to Ermsdorf.

Material and human reinforcements have been sent by the Rescue Services Agency, the Army, and the Administration for Roads and Bridges.

The population is asked to make it easier for the authorities do their work, and to obey their instructions, particularly with regard to using the alternative routes set up by the police in the municipalities affected.

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