Attack in Strasbourg : measures taken by the Luxembourg Government

Following the terrorist attack in Strasbourg during the evening of Tuesday, 11 December 2018, the Anti-terrorism Coordination Group  (Groupe de coordination en matière de lutte contre le terrorisme, GCT) met at the Prime Minister's request to assess the possible threat to the Grand Duchy.

In the light of the information currently available, the GCT has no information that indicates any likely and specific threat within the Grand Duchy.The threat level is therefore maintained at 2.

In compliance with the VIGILNAT plan, level 2 is triggered when a terrorist threat is judged to be real but abstract.

The suspect is known to Luxembourg's legal authorities for committing an ordinary crime - burglary - in 2012.

Given that the suspect is still on the run, the Government has decided to set up and/or maintain the following measures:

  • the GCT will continue to evaluate the terrorist threat;
  • maintenance and reinforcement of the presence of both the security forces and security measures in areas where the public gathers.

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