5th COVID-19 infection in Luxembourg

The Health Directorate informs that a new case of COVID-19 has been diagnosed today. The person has returned from a trip to the Alsace.

The person has been taken into charge according to the usual procedures.

The Health Directorate will continue to inform the public on a regular basis.

The public is invited to consult the FAQs available on the website www.gouvernement.lu/coronavirus for further information on the coronavirus and precautionary measures. A hotline for the general public operates under the number 8002 8080.

The government would like to remind citizens that in case of symptoms of an infection (cough, fever or respiratory problems), they shouldn't go to the doctor nor the emergency room, but call 8002 8080 or, in case of an emergency, 112. Also, people with those symptoms should refrain from visiting vulnerable people.

Press release by the Ministry of Health

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