red vigilance "extreme weatherconditions": risks and advice

Following the triggering of the red vigilance - very violent gale and the 'Extreme Weather' Emergency Response Plan, authorities point out that very violent gale is to be expected on the national territory, with winds reaching 110 km/h and possibly up to 130 km/h. Here is a reminder of the possible consequences and the conduct to adopt.

Possible consequences

  • much significant damage to housing, parks and plantations;
  • heavily affected forests (significant damage to trees/uprooted trees);
  • very difficult traffic conditions throughout the network, cars forced off the road;
  • seriously affected air and rail traffic.

Conduct to adopt

  • if possible, remain at home;
  • if you need to travel, limit yourself to what is strictly necessary and avoid wooded areas;
  • tell someone that you are going out and your destination;
  • tidy away or fix down any objects liable to be blown around or damaged, for example garden furniture, parasols, etc.;
  • on no account go onto a roof;
  • phone 112 immediately if someone is injured;
  • phone 112 concerning objects on public roads only if they constitute a serious obstruction (trees, branches, roofing debris)

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