COVID-19: The interministerial crisis unit takes stock of the situation

The Prime Minister, in consultation with the Minister of Health and the High Commissioner for National Protection, has convened the "Pandemic" crisis unit.

The crisis unit met under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health Paulette Lenert and brought together all the ministries and administrations involved in the subject in question, to take stock of the situation and to take measures adapted to the evolution of the situation in Luxembourg and in Europe.

Faced with the gradual spread of the virus in our country and in our neighbouring regions, the crisis unit has prepared the gradual transition from the containment strategy to the implementation of additional measures. In this context, the members of the unit had an exchange of views on the protection of fragile populations at risk of severe complications.

The cell reviewed the decisions taken by the Government Council this morning.

Discussions also focused, on the one hand, on increasing accommodation capacity for sick people in case of need and, on the other hand, on business continuity plans with the State.

Finally, the exchange made it possible to analyse the current and future operation of the 8002 8080 hotline. The service has been strongly demanded in recent days, with more than 650 calls per day.

The public is invited to consult the FAQs available on the website further information on the coronavirus and precautionary measures.

The authorities will continue to monitor developments closely and inform the public on a regular basis on developments and new measures.

Press release by the Ministry of Health / Office of the High Commissioner for National Protection / Crisis Communication Service

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