Extreme weather in the southern part of the Grand Duchy - conditions at 11.15 p.m.

The Crisis Cell chaired by Minister Dan Kersch in place of Minister of the Interior Taina Bofferding, has drawn up the following interim report:

Further to the extreme weather conditions affecting the southern part of the Grand Duchy, more than a thousand calls were made to the 112 Emergency Call Centre between 5 and 9 p.m. The authorities' initial priority was to ensure that there were no further victims, by checking one by one the buildings affected over an area stretching from Pétange to Käerjeng. The CGDIS drew up an initial report on the state of the buildings affected and the necessary urgent security measures.

The current number of victims stands at 14 injured - two seriously.

In terms of material damage, initial reports in the Käerjeng area indicate about a hundred houses damaged by the wind - between 25 and 30 have lost all or part of their roof. In the Pétange area, about 60 houses have been damaged.

Two reception centres ('LAVI') have been opened to receive anyone who is unhurt but affected by the extreme weather conditions, in close collaboration with the municipalities of Pétange and Käerjeng.

Anyone who has been affected and requires rehousing or some other form of support can go to the following addresses:

Municipality of Pétange:

'Bim Diederich' sports hall

Rue Pierre Hamer


Municipality of Käerjeng:

Kultur Haus - Käerjenger Treff

54C Avenue de Luxembourg


Rehousing is being organised from these places, in conjunction with the municipal authorities. 

A number of access routes are still closed to traffic. Please abide by the signs that have been set up and by the instructions given locally by people in authority.

A number of pylons carrying high-voltage electricity cables have been brought down. Although there is no current in the cable, it is not entirely safe and the public is not allowed anywhere near. There should be no impact on the electricity supply either locally or nationally; repair work will begin as soon as possible.

Work to clear rubble and secure the damaged houses, including temporary roof cover, will probably take several hours if not several days.

Police presence will be stepped up to provide more security in the areas affected.

The public is reminded that there is a hotline for anyone who has been affected or wanting to obtain news from outside the country; the number is 8002 8080.

The Crisis Cell is continuing to keep a close eye on the evolution of the situation, and will keep you informed.

(Communicated by the Government's Crisis Cell / High Commission for National Protection)

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