Extreme weather 15.07.2021 - situation at 02:00 am

Following the heavy rainfall recorded in Luxembourg over the last few days, the Emergency Response Plan “Extreme weather” has been implemented. Activated by the High Commission for National Protection at the request of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, the Government's Crisis Cell met on July  15th at 00:00 am to coordinate operations with the various parties involved in the Emergency Response Plan in the event of extreme weather conditions. The Crisis Cell was chaired by the Minister of Home Affairs Taina Bofferding.

The meeting was attended by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the CGDIS, the High Commission for National Protection, the water management authority, the highways authority, the army, Creos, MeteoLux, the national police force, and the crisis communication service.

The CGO, the Operations Management Centre, was activated in order to coordinate rescue operations on the ground. The CGDIS teams were deployed to their maximum capacity and had to intervene on numerous occasions on account of the bad weather throughout the country. Given the scale of the cases, the CGDIS teams are obliged to concentrate on bringing people in danger to safety and on protecting critical and strategic infrastructures.

The Highways Administration had to intervene on about 60 sections of road. Numerous stretches of road are currently closed to traffic.

In view of the situation at 02:00 am, the Crisis Unit has notified that:

  • As far as the weather situation is concerned, MeteoLux is still forecasting some rainfall over the next few hours, but not as severe. However, the population is asked to remain vigilant.

  • The water levels of Luxembourg’s rivers have risen rapidly and are currently very high. It is to be expected that they will continue to rise until the afternoon of Thursday 15 July. Information about the development of the situation will be regularly updated on inondations.lu.

  • Residents of potentially flood-prone areas are advised not to expose themselves to danger and to avoid flooded areas!

  • Road traffic is disrupted in many areas and motorists are asked to adapt their driving and remain vigilant. It is essential to respect closed roads and to follow all instructions and orders from the authorities.

  • The Ministry of Education, Children and Youth recommends that parents check with local authorities regarding the opening of schools and childcare facilities and the relevant arrangements.

  • In all parts of the country, many houses are flooded and no longer habitable - the people concerned are being evacuated and rehoused by the municipalities,

  • How to behave: https://infocrise.public.lu/en/inondations/comportements-a-adopter.html

Please call 112 only if people are in distress, or in case of life-threatening emergencies, accidents or fires. 

The authorities keep a close eye on the evolution of the situation. The public is asked to keep abreast of the situation by consulting official sources - www.meteolux.lu, www.infocrise.lu, www.inondations.lu,  @infocriseLU, @CGDISlux, @PoliceLux - and the national media.

The Crisis Cell remains active and will keep you informed about the development of the situation.

(Issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the High Commission for National Protection, and the Crisis Communication Service) 

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