Conduct to adopt in the event of flooding

Orange vigilance level

Pre-alert threshold has been exceeded - risk of localised flooding

Possible consequences

  • Localised flooding likely to affect the economic functioning of several sectors of activity;
  • Localised rises in the water level in streams, particular in smaller catchment areas;
  • Possibility of flooding in areas that do not usually flood;
  • Difficult road traffic conditions.

Advice on conduct

  • Find out whether your area is concerned by keeping abreast of the flood warnings and official advice on the websites at, and, or on the radio and television.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged, and your power bank if you have one, so you will be able to charge your phone if there is no power supply.

In areas liable to flood

  • Turn off the electricity supply to all the rooms in the house that might get flooded;
  • Turn off your heating, and turn off the gas or heating oil supply. Make sure that your heating oil tank is properly secure;
  • Gather together all your important personal documents and bring them to a safe place. Equip yourself with a sleeping bag, rubber boots, and a torch. Don't forget any medicines you may be taking;
  • Make sure you have enough food and drinking water, and a battery-operated radio;
  • Move your car out of the danger area;
  • Remove any substances that might be harmful to the environment from areas likely to be under water.

Red vigilance level

Alert threshold has been exceeded - risk of widespread flooding

Possible consequences

  • Widespread flooding likely to affect economic and human activities for several days;
  • Large-scale flooding, even in areas that are not often flooded;
  • Extremely difficult road traffic conditions;
  • Risk of sewers overflowing.

Advice on conduct

  • If possible, stay at home and keep abreast of the flood warnings and official advice on the websites at, and, or on the radio and television.
  • Avoid all travel in the areas concerned;
  • If you have to travel, be especially careful; tell someone you are going out, and where you are going.

In areas liable to flooding

  • Follow any diversions that may have been set up;
  • Never take a road that is under water;
  • Make sure that the orange vigilance level recommendations are followed;
  • If the electricity is cut off, use battery-operated devices such as your mobile phone or a battery-operated radio;
  • Avoid river banks and flooded roads, and comply with road closures;
  • If it is foreseeable that your property will be flooded, evacuate places likely to be under water (cellar, garage, etc. - be aware of the risk of electric shock);
  • Make it easy for any rescue workers offering to evacuate you; pay attention to their advice, so as not to endanger your life or theirs;
  • Stay calm and composed. Saving human lives takes priority over protecting material goods;
  • Do not take any journey by boat unless you have taken all the necessary safety measures.

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