Red alert lifted and storms of 17 January assessed "Extreme weather conditions" crisis unit: assessment of the situation

The "extreme weather conditions" crisis unit met again on Wednesday 17 January 2024 at 14:00 under the chairmanship of the Minister for Home Affairs, Léon Gloden, to assess the situation.

After heavy freezing rain until 2pm, the situation is slowly beginning to improve, with temperatures expected to rise during the afternoon. In the evening, the precipitation could gradually change to snow.

As a result, the red severe weather warning has been cancelled at 14:00. An orange alert will remain in place until 16:00.

The authorities will continue to monitor the situation closely.

The ban on lorries over 7.5 tonnes on the entire motorway network was lifted at midday.

Trains are running normally. Express buses to Saarbrücken remain suspended until 15:00.

Primary schools, secondary schools, special schools and childcare facilities will resume normal operations tomorrow, Thursday 18 January.

However, there may still be some traffic disruption.

By midday, teams from the CGDIS and the Roads and Bridges Administration had to intervene more than 180 times with around fifty ambulances. 83 falls were recorded.

By 14:00, 33 traffic accidents had been reported to the Grand Ducal Police.

The public is invited to follow the situation via official sources,,, @infocriseLU, @CGDISlux and the national media.

Minister Léon Gloden expressed the government's gratitude for the good cooperation between the various state services and thanked the agents and volunteers for their availability and commitment over the last few hours, as well as the population for respecting the official instructions.

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