Preventative Behaviour

Think about cybersecurity

Given that cyber crime is on the rise, it is important to be forearmed against the risks, remain vigilant and take effective preventative measures to guarantee optimum protection.

A computer is like a virtual house

To avoid being burgled, we lock the doors and install burglar alarms in our houses. You need to do the same thing for a computer. To avoid an intruder getting into your computer, anti-virus software must be installed, a firewall activated and a robust password chosen. For the Luxembourg government, raising awareness about cybersecurity is crucial. The objective of the Luxembourg authorities' actions is to provide information, raise awareness and prepare the population.

The government platforms BEESECURE.luand CASES.luprovide information on the right conduct to adopt as regards the different uses of the internet. They provide individuals and businesses with a range of tools for their protection, useful information and specific training to protect them against cyber attacks, to master the use of security functions and thus reduce as far as possible vulnerabilities on both the human and machine front.

By taking the time to find out about the risks and threats, online security and protection can become easy and accessible for all.

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