International Cooperation and Assistance

International cooperation is guaranteed and international assistance is possible for any cyber crisis that could become international in dimension, both at the level of CERTs and international organisations of which the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is part (European Union, Benelux, NATO, UN, OSCE).

National and international cooperation on cybersecurity has attracted particular attention in Luxembourg in recent years due to:

  • active participation in the European Union's Cyber Europe exercises;
  • the signature of an MoU on cybersecurity between the HCNP and NATO's Cyber Defence Management Board (CDMB);
  • the designation of two contact points for cybersecurity at in connection with the NATO MoU;
  • the implementation of a 24/7 service to act as a national and international contact point for processing IT emergencies related to a cyber crisis. This is to be managed in cooperation with the NATO Computer Incident Response Capability on their information sharing platform for cyber incidents;
  • the participation of the CIRCL in developing software to facilitate information sharing on the indicators of compromise (IOC): Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP). This software is made available for all NATO allies and is used by nearly all the CERTs in Europe;
  • the active participation of the Luxembourg CERTs in international networks (TF-CSIRT, FIRST, etc.);
  • Luxembourg's cooperation with Germany and Belgium on risk management;
  • the participation of in conferences bringing together the GOVCERTs of Europe;
  • the participation of the Luxembourg CERTs in different European research projects, in particular in the area of phishing and the fight against botnets.


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