Objectives of the plan

The government's 'Influenza pandemic' plan describes all the measures to be put in place in the event that there is a risk of a flu and/or bird flu pandemic in animals and humans. 

The influenza pandemic is particular form of human flu which can occur on a global scale following a mutation of the bird flu virus or reassortment of the influenza A virus which could lead to human-to-human transmission. 

The term 'bird flu' (Vullegripp) refers to a common disease prevalent around the world which affects all species of wild or domesticated birds. It can also affect other species of animals like pigs, cats or horses. 

The government plan defines 

  • a plan and preparation,
  • surveillance and prevention,
  • actions and consequence management capable of tackling the growing risk of an influenza pandemic which could be caused by the virus A/H5N1. 

In the context of a crisis, a Crisis Centre is set up at the government's Communications Centre. It is the platform for all interministerial work and executes political, strategic and operational management. 


The plan aims to 

  • contain the spread of bird flu in animals or at least delay this spread in order to reduce the risk of transmission from animals to humans;
  • contain the spread of an influenza pandemic or at least slow this spread in order to minimise or delay the number of infected people while waiting for specific vaccines to be developed;
  • guarantee the best possible medical care;
  • guarantee that any consequences are managed, in particular with regards to the socio-economic and transport spheres with the aim of enabling economic activity and national and international mobility to continue. 

To deal with the risks, permanent monitoring on all levels and a sustained interministerial analysis are provided for in the plan. Regarding the development and implementation of measures, the plan defines: 

  • interministerial coordination;
  • coordination between the public and private sectors;
  • standardisation with the actions of neighbouring countries. 

Information and communication 

Government information and communication fall under the remit of the Office for crisis communication. 

The wider public will be informed of the changing situation by the government and via the website www.infocrise.lu.


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