Objectives of the plan

This plan aims to organise the rapid implementation of all the measures required to halt the spread of the bird flu virus as soon as one or several cases of bird flu have been discovered in Luxembourg on in the border region of a neighbouring country. It sets the responsibilities of the ministries, administrations and services that are required to act on the ground and lays out the details of how intervention should be executed.

The measures contained within the plan aim to eradicate the virus by the sanitary slaughter of poultry and other captive birds and by cleaning and disinfecting contaminated infrastructure. This procedure applies:

  • when an outbreak is discovered
    • at a poultry farm;
    • in a private farmyard;
  • when an isolated case is discovered
    • in a built-up area;
    • in the countryside;
    • at a border inspection point with a foreign country;
    • on a means of transport.

Depending on the situation, an alert is issued by the High Commissioner for National Protection who decides whether to:

  • convene the Crisis Cell;
  • convene the Operational Cell;
  • execute the intervention plan.

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