The 'Bird flu' operational intervention plan

The operational intervention plan, triggered as soon as a suspicion or actual or potential confirmation of the virus is announced by the Administration of Veterinary Services (Administration des services vétérinaires, ASV), results from the Grand Ducal regulation on the fight against avian influenza decreed by the Council of Government on 22 March 2006.

The Grand Ducal regulation establishes:

  • certain preventative measures concerning the surveillance and early detection of avian influenza (bird flu) and aims to strengthen the level of vigilance and preparation of the competent authorities and the farming community regarding the risks associated with this illness;
  • the minimum combative measures to be applied in the event that an outbreak of bird flu occurs in poultry or other captive birds and early detection of the spread of the viruses of the illness to mammals;
  • the minimum combative measures to be applied in line with the EU legislation in force in the event that there is a suspicion or confirmation of a case of bird flu in a wild bird;
  • other supplementary measures to prevent the spread of the flu virus of avian origin to other species.


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