Behaviour to adopt

An emergency related to severe weather conditions is a situation that arises from an extreme weather event that risks causing major problems to the vital interests or basic needs of all or part of the country or the population of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The purpose of the actions of the Luxembourg authorities is to inform the population, raise their awareness and prepare them for such an eventuality.

Preventing or managing an emergency therefore involves the entire population, as well as economic and social stakeholders.

Through the following actions, each citizen makes the implementation of the preventive and protective measures laid out in the plan easier:

  • getting to know the plan;
  • adopting the appropriate conduct depending on the nature of the emergency,
  • facilitating the authorities' actions,
  • following the authorities' instructions.

The emergency response plan (PIU) in the event of extreme weather conditions defines the actions the government should take in the event of six weather conditions. It also lays out the conduct the public is advised to adopt in each situation.


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