Emergency response plan in the event of extreme weather conditions

The emergency response plan (PIU) in the event of extreme weather conditions defines the package of preventive and protective measures and the alert procedures to be put in place in the event of a weather alert.

Weather alert

An emergency related to severe weather conditions is a situation that arises from an extreme weather event that risks causing major problems to the vital interests or basic needs of all or part of the country or the population of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The emergency response plan provides for the following weather events, both level orange and red, in the event of a weather-related emergency:

  • gusts of wind;
  • snow or freezing precipitation;
  • storms;
  • great/extreme heat;
  • great/extreme cold;
  • rain.


The aims of the Extreme Weather Plan are:

  • to set the bodies that will manage the crisis;
  • to set the preventive and protective measures to be taken;
  • and to establish the alert procedures for the authorities and for informing the public in the event of an emergency situation.

The execution of the plan developed under the leadership of the High Commission for National Protection (HCPN) falls under the remit of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure and the Minister for Home Affairs.

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