'Mass Casualties' plan

The 'Mass Casualties' plan defines the national package of measures put in place in the event of incidents which involve a significant number of casualties within the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The concrete measures to be taken shall be decided upon by the competent authorities for national protection at the appropriate time, communicated to the public and put in place by the competent agencies and departments.


Decreed by the Council of Government on 24 July 2015, the plan aims to:

  • set the conditions under which the plan should be triggered;
  • detail the method for activating the crisis cells;
  • set the intervention measures and associated actions to be taken
  • and the alert procedures in the event of an emergency.

It lays out the emergency procedures needed to remedy the consequences of a situation which lead or may lead to multiple casualties and mitigate the risk of a major disruption that threatens the vital interests or essential needs of all or part of the country or population of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Given the multitude of incidents that could occur and their varied impacts and repercussions, this plan provides those tasked with executing it with the tools they need to be able to react in an appropriate and flexible manner to the events and to provide the best possible protection for the citizens or sectors affected, their vital interests and the nation's economy.

All the ministries, agencies and departments of the State are required to cooperate with the implementation of the plan using all the means available to them.


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