Situations which could trigger the 'Mass Casualties' plan.

The plan lays out the emergency procedures needed to remedy the consequences of a situation which lead or may lead to multiple casualties and mitigate the risk of a major disruption that threatens the vital interests or essential needs of all or part of the country or population of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The situations that could trigger the plan include:

  • large fires;
  • buildings collapsing;
  • road, rail, air or maritime accidents;
  • acts of terrorism;
  • industrial accidents or accidents in companies;
  • accidents caused by chemical products;
  • accidents linked with natural hazards;
  • ...

In some situations, it may be necessary to implement all or part of this plan. These situations may include:

  • the implementation of preventative measures during major, foreseeable events;
  • major cross-border events;
  • requests for international assistance;
  • international events with mass casualties which could affect a national interest;
  • national events which arouse great media interest (a 'media emergency') involving a limited number of victims (e.g. a small number of children injured at a school, etc.).

The criteria for triggering the plan include the real or potential number of victims, the characteristics of the emergency response required and the specific difficulties involved in implementation.


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