Luxembourg has within its territory a steam/gas turbine power station (Twinerg S.A.) with an electricity output of 375 MW and one of largest pumped storage power stations in Europe with an electricity output of 1300 MW located in Vianden close to the German border.

In addition, there are also cogeneration sites and renewable energy power stations.


In terms of networks, Luxembourg has one transport network manager, one industrial network manager and several distribution network managers.

  • Transport network manager: CREOS Luxembourg S.A.
  • Distribution network managers:
    • CREOS Luxembourg S.A.
    • Sudstroum S.à r.l. & Co S.e.c.s.
    • The city of Diekirch
    • The city of Ettelbruck
    • Hoffmann Frères S.à.r.l. et Cie s.e.c.s.
  • Industrial network manager: Sotel réseau & Cie s.e.c.s.

A list of network managers can be viewed at the website of the Luxembourg energy regulator, the Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR).


list of electricity suppliers may be viewed on the website of the Luxembourg energy regulator.


Luxembourg is connected to the electricity transport networks of Germany, Belgium and France.


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