National load shedding plan

When the national load shedding plan is applied, CREOS Luxembourg S.A. may be required to carry out scheduled selective load (electricity) or consumer (gas) shedding if significant physical damage has occurred to infrastructure which means that demand for electricity or natural gas cannot be met in its entirety.

Load shedding is a sensitive organised procedure to reduce energy consumption which can be launched by the manager of a transport or distribution network in order to deal with an exceptional, significant, announced or foreseeable situation which endangers supply security, the integrity of the networks and the physical security or safety of individuals.

It consists of temporarily limiting or suspending the energy supply to all or some of the networks' users, all the while ensuring consumer safety. The load shedding plan is an operational document developed in collaboration with the different managers of the transport and distribution networks in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in accordance with the law of 7 August 2012 amending the law of 1 August 2007 on the organisation of the natural gas market (A-°179 of 22/08/2012).

Load shedding is a tool of last resort for the managers of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg's energy networks to prevent major incidents and limit any consequences if they occur. It completes the arsenal of tools available to network managers to ensure their networks are safeguarded.

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