Stakeholders and management bodies

The cell for assessing the risk of a disruption to the supply of oil (CERRAP)

When a member of the assessment cell becomes aware, following information received from parties involved in the sector, the European Commission or the International Energy Agency, of a major incident likely to give rise to a risk of a significant disruption in oil supplies, he or she will consult with the Chair of CERRAP, who will decide whether to activate CERRAP in order to evaluate the situation and carry out enhanced monitoring prior to the possible activation of the crisis cell. The situation is evaluated in consultation with the parties involved in the sector concerned.

In the event of a prolonged disruption in oil supplies and/or when the situation is such that measures going beyond the simple release of security stocks are required, the Chair of CERRAP will consult with the High Commissioner for National Protection regarding the activation of the crisis cell.

The crisis cell (CC)

The crisis cell (CC) is activated by the Prime Minister when a crisis is imminent or has occurred.

The crisis cell takes the necessary strategic decisions. It initiates measures designed to deal with the situation and coordinates their implementation.

The crisis cell is composed of representatives from the ministries, agencies and departments concerned depending on the nature and scale of the crisis. It is chaired by a member of the Government, in this case the minister responsible for energy. It meets, when possible, at the National Crisis Centre.

Depending on the circumstances, the crisis cell may be expanded and may in particular be supplemented by representatives of the oil sector as well as by representatives of other ministerial departments concerned.

The operational cell

The crisis cell operates throughout the duration of the crisis until the situation returns to normal. The crisis cell may appoint an operational cell (CO) in particular to execute, implement and monitor the ordered measures and activities.

The communication and information cell

Theoretically, the communication and information cell (CCI) is activated at the same time as the crisis cell; it is responsible for communication and information to the media and the population.

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