Behaviour to adopt

The global threat of terrorism posed by groups or individuals is becoming ever more varied and complex. Terrorism is a universal threat that respects no borders and takes many forms. Like other countries, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg may also be exposed to the threat of terrorism. Terrorism therefore requires a collective response, as it is one of the most serious challenges the country faces.

This is why preventing or managing an emergency situation involves the entire population, as well as the owners and/or operators of vulnerable areas.

The purpose of the actions of the Luxembourg authorities is to inform the population, raise their awareness and prepare them for such an eventuality.

Through the following actions, each citizen makes the implementation of the measures laid out in the plan easier:

  • getting to know the VIGILNAT plan;
  • facilitating the authorities' actions;
  • following the authorities' instructions;
  • and shouldering their responsibilities as a citizen.

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