In the event of a terrorist threat, the Luxembourg authorities will mainly focus on protecting the population and the country's territorial integrity and structures.


Based on the proposals put forward by the Prime Minister, the government will decide whether to implement the provisions and measures provided by the VIGILNAT government plan. Each minister will implement the applicable measures in respect of the administrations, departments and establishments that fall under their remit.


At the local level, the municipalities exercise their competencies in accordance with the statutory missions incumbent on them (including schools, local and school transport, etc).


In general, the people responsible, both in the public and private sectors, for vulnerable facilities and bodies are responsible for setting up their own internal protection arrangements. The purpose of these internal protection arrangements is to ensure the integrity of the site and the activity in the event of a terrorist threat.


In addition, anyone organising an event or other public meeting must also, in addition to the external protection arrangements set up by the public authorities, implement the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the public and participants at the site of the event.


Every citizen is responsible for his/her own safety, and contributes, through his/her responsible behaviour, to preventing and protecting society from terrorist threats.


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