Plan for national vigilance in the face of terrorist threats, VIGILNAT

VIGILNAT, the emergency government intervention plan, defines the national package of measures for vigilance, prevention and protection against the threat of a terrorist act or in reaction to a terrorist attack on Luxembourgish soil and the actions the Luxembourg government should consequently take.

The plan was adopted by the Council of Government on 27 March 2015.


The aims of the VIGILNAT plan are

  • to provide the country and its citizens with adapted protection against the terrorist threat;
  • to prevent or detect as early as possible any threat of terrorist acts;
  • to guarantee a rapid and coordinated reaction in the event that a terrorist threat is imminent or a terrorist act has been committed.

The execution of the plan developed under the leadership of the High Commissioner for National Protection (Haut-Commissariat à la protection nationale, HCPN) falls under the remit of the Prime Minister and the Minister for Home Affairs.

The plan sets out the management and coordination bodies, measures of vigilance, protection and prevention and the actions that consequently need to be taken. It also sets out the process for raising the alarm for the authorities and providing information to the public.

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