Concrete actions

In October 2014, the Luxembourg government put in place three concrete measures with the aim of informing the population, raising its awareness and preparing it for a possible nuclear crisis. 

Launch of the website 

This is the official Luxembourgish government website for providing information and communication in the event of a crisis. This tool will be used to communicate all of the authorities' decisions and actions in an emergency situation. 

Campaign to pre-distribute potassium iodide tablets 

The emergency response plan makes the provision for potassium iodide tablets to be distributed to all the country's residents as a preventative measure. 

The first preventive distribution campaign took place in October/November 2014. Each resident received a personalised letter containing information on this distribution enabling them to obtain one bottle of tablets from the commune in which they live, or from the pharmacy of their choice. 

School establishments and childcare facilities have a stock of tablets in case of need. The parents of all newborns are given one box of tablets per child at the maternity hospital. 

Furthermore, the municipal authorities keep a sufficient quantity of tablets in stock to guarantee an additional distribution in the event of a nuclear accident. 

Businesses have the option of ordering a supply of tablets.

If you need potassium iodide tablets please contact us. Please provide your name and adress, as well as the number and age of people in your household, that will need tablets. We will follow up your request.

Update to the brochure 'What to do in the event of a nuclear alert?' 

In practical terms, the aim of the brochure is to present a condensed and understandable overview of all the alert procedures and protective measures provided for in the emergency response plan (PIU). It is available in several languages (German, English, French, Luxembourgish and Portuguese) and has been distributed to all the country's residents free of charge. The brochure can be downloaded free of charge in the different languages available from the website


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