Nuclear sites

The three countries that neighbour the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg all have nuclear installations located within a 100 km radius that produce over 10,000 megawatts of electricity (MWe).

Cattenom nuclear power station

The closest nuclear power station, Cattenom, is located in France, 9 km south of the border and 25 km from Luxembourg City. This nuclear power station has four pressurised water reactors (PWR, or réacteurs à eau pressurisée, REP, in French) with an individual output of 1,300 MWe.

Chooz nuclear power station

There is a second French nuclear power station in Chooz, 70 km west of the border. The station has two sections (Chooz A, a Franco-Belgian project, and Chooz B, a French project) with three 1,450 MWe nuclear reactors.

Tihange nuclear power station

In Belgium, the Tihange nuclear power station is located 65 km north-west of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. he 2 reactors in production have a total capacity of 2000 MW. Tihange 2, with a capacity of 1008 MW, was taken out of service on January 31, 2023. The Tihange plant accounted for around a quarter of Belgium's total electricity production in 2021.

Philippsburg and Biblis nuclear power stations

There are two nuclear power stations in Germany, located about 150 km to the east of the country: Biblis and Philippsburg. The former was shut down in March 2011, when the latter's first reactor was also shut down. The second reactor has been shut down in 2019.


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