Extreme weather of 15 July 2021: update on the situation at 09:00 am

The Crisis Cell met again this morning, chaired by the Minister of Home Affairs, Taina Bofferding, in order to take stock of the situation with regard to the extreme weather.

Throughout the night, the teams of the various entities intervened on numerous occasions throughout the country. Although the weather situation has calmed down in the meantime, the risk of an increase in the levels of some watercourses will persist throughout the day. Information about the development of the levels of water in the rivers is regularly updated on inondations.lu.

It is recommended to remain vigilant and not to expose oneself to any danger.

Assessment of the situation on 15 July at 09:00 am:

  • The CGDIS and Police teams have carried out more than 1200 interventions in connection with the extreme weather throughout the country.

  • The interventions of the CGDIS consisted mainly of rescuing people in distress or bringing them to safety.

  • No injuries have been reported at this stage.

  • The material damage is significant.

  • 110 sections of road have been closed off. The Highways Administration teams are working at maximum capacity. The motorways have been cleared, but road traffic may still be disrupted in some areas. The Army is providing support for the clean-up work. 

  • MeteoLux reports that up to 2:00 am, an average of 60-80 l/m2 fell during the last 24 hours in Luxembourg. Additional precipitation can be expected throughout the day (up to 10 l/m2), as well as occasional local thunderstorms. During the following night, there may be additional precipitation of up to 10 l/m2.

The public is asked to remain vigilant and to respect all instructions and orders of the local authorities.

Please call 112 only if people are in distress, or in case of life-threatening emergencies, accidents or fires.

How to behave: https://infocrise.public.lu/en/inondations/comportements-a-adopter.html

The Crisis Cell continues to monitor the situation closely.


Issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the High Commission for National Protection, and the Crisis Communication Service

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