Government plan

The CBRN emergency response plan defines the action the Government would take in the event of an attack involving chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear substances within the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

It complements the Government plan for national vigilance in the face of the threat of acts of terrorism ('VIGILNAT Plan').

The concrete measures to be taken shall be decided upon by the competent authorities for national protection at the appropriate time, communicated to the public and put in place by the competent agencies and departments.


In response to the multitude of possible threats with their myriad of possible impacts and repercussions, this plan provides those responsible for executing it with the tools they need to react with the required flexibility to deal with the events that occur.

The execution of the plan developed under the leadership of the High Commission for National Protection (Haut-Commissariat à la protection nationale, HCPN) falls under the remit of the Prime Minister and of the Minister of Home Affairs. All the ministries, agencies and departments of the State are required to cooperate with the implementation of this plan using all the means available to them.

In the event of an accident involving chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear substances not caused by an act of terrorism, the 'Mass Casualties' Plan or the Emergency Response Plan in the event of a disruption in the drinking water supply would be applied.


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