Crisis management measures

The Grand-Ducal Police sets up an inter-services Advanced Command Post (Poste de Commandement Avancé - PCA) near the incident to ensure liaison with the joint operational command post.

Its task is to ensure the tactical command and supervision of the actions carried out by the operational teams, excluding instruction, that are necessary to achieve the coordination objectives laid down by the joint PC, or by the representative of the responsible judicial authority on the spot.


Reflex zoning

Reflex zoning is carried out by the first response workers attending the incident. It involves setting up a security perimeter to protect everyone from a potential risk of explosion or contamination.

Operational zoning

Operational zoning is carried out after measures have been adopted by specialists in bomb disposal and radiological and chemical risk. It includes the following four zones:

  • exclusion zone (red zone) : this is a geographical area marked out by an exclusion perimeter, within which the concentration of toxic substances in the environment is sufficient to threaten human life.
  • controlled zone (yellow zone) : this is marked out by an isolation perimeter that separates the exclusion zone from the support zone. One or more victim assembly points are set up on the exclusion perimeter. A decontamination structure in the controlled zone is marked out on the edge of the isolation perimeter. This area makes it possible to prevent or reduce contamination.
  • support zone (green zone) : this is the area where logistics support and command of the rescue operations are based. It is surrounded by the deterrent perimeter. It is positioned downwind and houses the rescue services, including the advanced medical post (poste médical avancé - PMA) and the advanced command post (poste de commandement avancé - PCA).
  • public zone : beyond the deterrent perimeter, set up by the Grand-Ducal Police to prevent anyone approaching the zones defined above, is the public zone, where no specific restrictions apply.


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