Alert level 3

Alert level 3 applies when the terrorist threat that is subject to analysis is judged to be probable and concrete. It corresponds to the SERIOUS threat level.

It translates into a strengthening of measures of vigilance, prevention and protection and is intended to be of limited duration. It may be activated over the whole territory or, if it is necessary to reinforce safety measures on an occasional basis, over a limited geographical area and/or in certain sectors of activity.

Anti-terrorism Coordination Group (GCT)

As soon as the Government declares a level 3 alert, the Anti-terrorism Coordination Group (Groupe de coordination en matière de lutte contre le terrorisme - GCT) is convened, with the following members:

  • the High Commissioner for National Protection, chair of the GCT;
  • the Director General of the Grand-Ducal Police;
  • the Director of the State Intelligence Service;
  • the Director of the Luxembourg Fire and Rescue Corps;
  • the Director of the Customs and Excise Agency;
  • the Director of the National Health Directorate;
  • the Director of the Crisis Communication Service;
  • the Chief of Staff of the armed forces;
  • the Chief State Prosecutor;
  • the State Prosecutor in Luxembourg City;
  • a representative of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Defence, Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade;
  • a representative of the Ministry of Justice;
  • a representative of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Terrorist Threat Evaluation Cell (CEMT)

As soon as a level 3 alert is declared, the threat is analysed by a Terrorist Threat Evaluation Cell (Cellule d'Evaluation de la Menace Terroriste - CEMT), composed of the State Intelligence Service, the Grand-Ducal Police/Anti-Terrorist Cell, and the State Prosecutor in Luxembourg City. It is placed under the responsibility of the State Prosecutor in Luxembourg City.

Joint operational command post

A joint operational command post (PC) is activated. Its members represent the Grand-Ducal Police, the armed forces, the Customs and Excise Agency, and the Luxembourg Fire and Rescue Corps. The PC is headed by the Grand-Ducal Police and tasked with the operational coordination and monitoring of the tactical commanders deployed in the field who are responsible for implementation of the supervision, protection and rescue measures with a view to achieving the strategic aims.


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