Scenarios used and measures

Scenarios used

An outbreak of bird flu in Luxembourg can be discovered in several ways:

  • discovery of an outbreak at a commercial poultry farm;
  • discovery of an outbreak in a private farmyard;
  • discovery of an isolated case in a built-up area;
  • discovery of an isolated case in the countryside;
  • discovery of a case at a border inspection point with a foreign country (e.g. airport, cargocentre);
  • discovery of a case on a means of transport.


The virus is prevented from spreading through the setting up

  • of an enforced 'protection zone' spanning 3 km around the outbreak for a minimum period of 21 days;
  • and supplemented with a 'surveillance zone' extending 10 km around the outbreak (including the protection zone) for a minimum duration of 30 days from the date that preliminary clean up and disinfection operations are completed.

On a national level, when bird flu has been confirmed and following a risk analysis, a standstill of 72 hours should be applied over the whole of Luxembourg's territory (ban on all commercial transportation of poultry, eggs, poultry meat, carcasses, liquid poultry manure, etc.).


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