Management and coordination bodies

The 'Extreme Weather Emergency Response Plan' determines the following management bodies for weather-related emergencies.

Crisis Cell

The Crisis Cell (Cellule de crise, CC) is activated by the Prime Minister and Minister of State in the event that a crisis is imminent or has occurred. It initiates, coordinates and monitors the execution of all the measures intended to deal with the crisis and its effects in order to return the situation to normal. It prepares the necessary decisions and submits them to the government for approval. In the event that operational intervention is required on the ground, the CC's mission extends to coordinating and monitoring its execution.

In a weather-related emergency, the Crisis Cell is made up of at least the following people:

  • the High Commissioner for National Protection;
  • the Director-General of the Grand Ducal Police;
  • the Director of the Rescue Services Agency;
  • the Director of the Air Navigation Administration;
  • the Director of the Administration for Roads and Bridges;
  • the Director of the Office for crisis communication;
  • a delegate of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Crisis Cell operates throughout the duration of the crisis until the situation returns to normal.

Operational Cell

The Crisis Cell can appoint an operational cell to execute, implement and monitor the ordered measures and activities.

Weather Risk Evaluation Cell (CERI)

The CERI's role in managing a weather-related crisis is to monitor the changing meteorological situation and inform the Crisis Cell.

Made up of experts, the CERI evaluates the situation and increases surveillance before the Crisis Cell is activated.

Communication/Information Cell (CCI)

The CCI is in charge of communication and providing information for the media and citizens. The horizontal coordination and organisation of external communication falls to the Office for crisis communication.

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