Recovery plan

The recovery plan is an operational code to restore the electrical system back to working order following a total or partial blackout. In most cases the situation can be managed and supply re-established through the implementation of this plan by CREOS Luxembourg SA. 

Depending on the circumstances, restoring power can take several hours, and in some extreme cases several days. 

The recovery code sets in particular the operational procedures that apply to the manager of the Creos network and the users of the Creos transport and distribution network when all or part of the Creos electricity system must be recovered. 

Article 9 of the amended law of 1st August 2007 on the organisation of the electricity market requires the manager of the transport network to establish, in collaboration with the government's energy commissioner and the regulator, a safeguarding and recovery code of which the minister must be informed. 

The safeguarding code is covered by the national Electricity System Defense Plan.


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