Power cut emergency response plan

The power cut emergency response plan defines the actions that the government should take in the event of a major attack on public and/or private sector energy supply systems (electricity and gas) or a major incident which leads to a significant disruption to energy supplies. 

The concrete measures to be taken shall be decided upon by the competent authorities for national protection at the appropriate time, communicated to the public and put in place by the competent agencies and departments. 


Decreed by the Council of Government on April 30th 2015 and adapted on September 16th 2022, the aims of the power cut emergency response plan are: 

  • to set the bodies that will manage the crisis;
  • to set preventative and protective measures;
  • and to establish the alert procedures for an emergency situation and the information of the public. 

Given the multitude of incidents that could occur and their varied impacts and repercussions, this plan provides those tasked with executing it with the tools they need to be able to react in an appropriate and flexible manner to the events and to provide the best possible protection for the citizens or sectors affected, their vital interests and the nation's economy. 

The execution of the plan developed under the leadership of the High Commission for National Protection (Haut-commissariat à la protection nationale, HCPN) falls under the remit of the Prime Minister, Minister of State and the Minister of Energy. 

All the ministries, agencies and departments of the State are required to cooperate with the implementation of the plan using all the means available to them.


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